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Anthropology is the comparative study of people and their ways of life across the full temporal and spatial range of human experience. Cultural, biological, archaeological, and evolutionary ecological lines of evidence contribute to the anthropological enterprise of describing and explaining human diversity. The undergraduate program provides:

  • excellent training for those interested in pursuing a graduate degree in anthropology, or an advanced professional degree such as business, medicine, or law.
  • an interesting and imaginative course of study for those desiring a better understanding of the human biological and cultural experience through time and space.
  • a minor for students desiring an anthropological component to their general education in any department or college of the university, or in certificate programs such as criminology and corrections or international relations.

Career Resources: To learn more about anthropologists at work, fieldschools, and other career-related information, see these  Anthropology Career Resources.

Program Requirements

Anthropology Major: Download this Worksheet for information about required courses, hours, and minimum GPA for the major. Students must meet with the Undergraduate Advisor annually to review progress and are encouraged to consult with other faculty members. Those planning to enter graduate school should seek advice about additional course work.

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Anthropology Minor: Download this Worksheet for information about required courses, hours, and minimum GPA for the minor.

Both 3000 and 4000 courses are suitable for anyone who has taken an intro course in the relevant area, and many have no prerequisites at all (a guide to our numbering system is available here).  Please speak to the instructor if you are in doubt about your preparation.   The department also offers fieldwork training in archaeology and ethnography.  Course descriptions are available in the General Catalogue.

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