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Financial Aid for Anthropology Undergraduates

Most financial aid is handled through the University's main Financial Aid Office, but there are some scholarships available through the College of Social and Behavioral Science, the Alumni Association, and the Department of Anthropology.

Joint Application Form
The department of Anthropology now has a single Scholarship Application Form which will enable students to apply for both the departmental scholarships (tuition waivers) and college scholarships. Please put your responses directly into the document and print it off. (ONLY use the College (CSBS) application if you are NOT applying for the departmental Tuition Waiver).

Departmental scholarships

Anthropology departmental scholarships provide a tuition waiver for Fall and Spring semesters, for 12-18 hours each semester (student pays mandatory fees). Applicants must be a Utah resident, a declared Anthro major, and have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

College scholarships
The College of Social and Behavioral Science awards several scholarships, including Honor Roll, Marie Gaby, Oakley J. Gordon, and Kennecott. The requirements and award amounts vary. For further information, see the CSBS Scholarships webpage.

Alumni Association Scholarships
The University of Utah Alumni Association awards a variety of scholarships for current and incoming students.  For information and application forms click here.

All other financial aid is handled through the University's Financial Aid Office